FizzButter Alternatives

Alternatives to FizzButter

If you need replacements or sourcing for your FizzButter bath treats, we have these solutions:

Moisturizing Butter Bath Bomb

This alternative is a sulfate free shea butter bomb from Amazon.

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butter bomb

Get premium Lavender and Peppermint at Amazon. We recommend Eden’s Garden for your Lavender, Peppermint, Grapefruit and more.

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Peppermint EO
Lavender EO

Shea Soap

You can easily do your own melt and pour soap with the base we used at FizzButter. Simply melt, add fragrance and color, then mold in a milky way mold.

We used this shea base on all FizzButter soaps due to the rich bubbles and silky bar. I still use it because I love it so much!

Note: the detergent free version of this soap is not as bubbly and luxurious so we didn’t like it. That is the trade-off if you prefer the detergent free version.

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Shea Soap

Then, mold it into something like this… The 2-lb block above would make about 9 of these 3.5 oz bars.

Soap Mold

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