Bath Bomb Maker gives away Recipes & Tricks

Owning FizzButter Bath Bakery was fun!

I owned a bath bomb business for 7 years and am sharing my bath bomb recipes, tricks, and secret tips with you.

It was great to use my creative skills to dream up bath treats. As the orders came in, I was thrilled.

Our bath bombs were in stores across the country. Even, Vegas Casinos.

And, my Lullaby Bath Bomb was even used to make a display at a BravoTV event in the picture below. Pretty cool, huh? It was small business person heaven.

BravoTV Nene and Bath Bombs

To that end, I personally made over 100,000 bath bombs with my own two hands! I know how to make a bath bomb.

As I grew, we hired people and had a lot of fun. With growth, new challenges arrived.

Growth is Good?

My business was profitable. However, growth meant I would need to automate and lower prices.

For a business person, one of the awesome things about bath bombs is that they are addictive, one time use consumables. Customers re-order a lot!

My problem was that I knew how to get orders, but not how to deliver product fast.

Lemon Bath Bomb

We turned away orders

I was getting requests to quote 50,000 unit orders on a weekly basis. I was not interested in that kind of business. To me, that meant hiring lots of people, having to have a lawyer on retainer, and being insanely busy while life passes me by. It’s just not for me.

In fact, I wanted to change my lifestyle and work fewer hours. My personal priorities changed. I wanted to be a computer nerd again.

I decided to give it away!

Yes, I am giving away all my recipes, tips, and tricks. Everything.

Did you know that even room temperature matters when you make a bath bomb?

Well, it does. That is an example of the extra technical information you will find here.

Want to get started? The butter bath bomb recipe was where I began.

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Post any questions on the recipe page and they will be personally answered.

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by Norma on Bath Bomb Recipes

What do I use to get the frothy velvet foam. I can’t seem to get that right. It fizzes and it spins but it does not give out that velvet foam. Please help as I’m at my wits end

It sounds like you are not using enough SLSA or it is low quality.

It should always foam with quality SLSA. I ran side by side tests with low cost brands vs expensive and they had pitiful foam.

Also, the bubbles tend to go away quickly instead of lasting and lasting.

by Amanda on Bath Bomb Recipes

I used to work for fizzbutter when it was first created in southern California. I was wondering if you might have the contact information of the woman who founded the company and sold it as she was a good friend of mine and I wanted to get back in contact with her.

by Happy Bath bomb maker on Bath Bomb Recipes

THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! This is the most comprehensive site I have ever seen on bath bomb making. Truly outstanding. I am having a BLAST with my daughter!!!


If you have any more tips, please post them ASAP. Love from Alaska. I love a hot butter bath bomb and wine! Oooooohhhh la la la!

So glad you are enjoying the site!
Feel free to post any pictures on Instagram and tag us @howtobathbombs

Can't wait to see your handywork!

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