VIDEO: LUSH Bath Bomb Recipe HACKED! Free floating bath bomb recipe

Have you been scouring the net for LUSH bath bomb recipes that float?

The LUSH floating bath bomb recipe is tough to figure out.  Why does it float?

I had a bath bomb business for 7 years and I hacked the LUSH formula.

You can make all the floating bath bombs in the following video with my free LUSH bath bomb recipe here.

Even better, you can really get creative with this LUSH bath bomb recipe.

You control the color, shape, essential oils and you can make high impact gifts that don’t break your LUSH budget!

You can use adorable silicone molds and embed color pigment blasts, fizzy frosting, or even a toy!   The embeds and shapes will make them spin and shoot colors.

Take the LUSH bath bomb recipe to the next level

You can also decorate a floating bath bomb with our fizzy frosting and take the cupcake to the next level!  This frosting recipe floats and bubbles on contact with water.  In addition, it can also be shaped into solid hearts like on this cupcake.

Get our Bath Bomb Recipe with Fizzy Frosting

Once you master this recipe, you can even start selling your adorable bath treats.  These are one time use consumables so people come back over and over to buy your amazing bath bakery delights.

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