Welcome, bath bomb artisans!

Get free bath bomb recipes and pro tips here from a former bath bomb manufacturer. For 7 years, I had a thriving bath bomb bakery. I’m sharing my bath bomb recipes, tips, and supplier information with you.

Do you want to make bath bombs that float like LUSH?

Make a Bath Bomb Float like LUSH
Make a Bath Bomb float like LUSH! Free Recipe

Two ingredients make a bath bomb float. Find out what they are and make yours float, bubble, spin…whatever you can dream up. Get our floating bath bomb master recipe here.

Butter Bath Bomb Recipe – Best Seller for 7 years!

Free Butter Bath Bomb Recipe
Free Butter Bath Bomb Recipe from FizzButter

Our top seller for 7 years straight was our moisturizing butter bath bomb. It is the perfect answer to dry skin. When you make bath bombs yourself, you get to be in control of the luscious butters and oils. Get our moisturizing Butter Bath Bomb master recipe here.

Bubble Bar Recipe – Solid Bubble Bath

Free Bubble Bar Recipe
Free Bubble Bar Recipe from FizzButter

Our bubble bar is special because they are activated by contact with water.  In fact, as soon as water touches it, it starts to foam and cream.  Put it under running water and you get mountains of long-lasting, creamy bubbles.  Get the Bubble Bar Master Recipe here.

Bath Bomb Cupcake with Fizzy Frosting Recipe

Bath Bomb Cupcake with Fizzy Frosting
Cupcake with Fizzy Frosting

Make this adorable, one-of-a-kind cupcake with Fizzy Frosting.

This special formula was my personal obsession. With the fizzy frosting recipe you can make both the pink frosting on this cupcake and the yellow lemon topper.

The entire cupcake fizzes and bubbles when it hits water!

Make the cupcake bottom with the floating bath bomb recipe.